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With the development of construction technology demand for concrete with special features has arisen. Different applications give rise to different needs. We have worked with Contractors, Consultants, and Suppliers of additives and other materials to come up with the product the client needs.

This had included, apart from Normal concrete, Self compacting concrete, Concrete for marine environment, Fast setting concrete for pre-cast applications, Durable concrete, High strength concrete, High performance concrete for special applications like heat resisting concrete, Under water concrete, Stamp crete, Slip-form concrete, Short crete etc…,

Gulf Concrete has developed more than 2000 mix designs to suit different Client/Consultant requirements. The environmental as well as the harsh Middle East exposure condition demand highly precise mix designs to achieve the required performance, strength and durability factors.With 22 years of experience in the field of Ready Mixed Concrete, GCB's R & D department has conducted more than 3000 trial mixes to formulate new mix designs based on the specification requirements of clients.

Focusing on sustainable concrete, GCB encourages clients to use cement additions like GGBS, Fly Ash, Micro Silica and Metakaolin.

We have classified our products into six main streams as follows:

1. Ready Mixed Concrete For Normal Construction Works:- The main parameters in consideration are the workability of concrete and concrete strength requirement. Strength class ranges from 5Mpa to 50 Mpa.

2. High Strength Concrete:- High compressive strength and workability of concrete are the parameters defining this class. Strength class ranges from 55 Mpa to 90 Mpa.

3. High Performance Concrete:- In this class, the performance of concrete during transportation and placing are the main parameters in consideration, along with the required compressive strength. Different types include Self Compacting Concrete, Slip From Concrete, Shotcrete, Long Haul Mixes, Underwater Concrete, Quick Setting Concrete etc…,

4. Durable Concrete :- The extreme climatic conditions of the region causes damage to concrete due to different reasons, Carbonation, Chloride Ingression, Sulphate Attack, etc being some of the main reasons. To protect the concrete from all these attacks, low permeable, durable concrete is the only solution. GCB has developed many mix designs to satisfy all categories of durability parameters. The wide range of available mix designs enables the customers to meet their requirements economically.

5. Aesthetic:- Includes Stampcrete, Color Concrete, Granolithic Concrete.

6. Light Weight Concrete:- Can be designed with polystyrene beads at densities from 1400-1800 Kg/m3 and compressive strength from 5 to 15 MPa depending on different applications.
With Perlite can be designed at densities ranging from 400 Kg/m3 to 1200 Kg/m3 and compressive strength 0.1 to 10 MPa depending on different applications.

7. Other Special Concrete :- High Density Concrete, Low Strength Low Density Concrete, Mass Filling Concrete, Air Entrained Concrete, Controlled Dry mix, Foam Concrete (900-1000 kg/m3), Water Proof Concrete, Fluid Thermal Backfill, etc..

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